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Club Velocity is back again! Every Sunday night!

Velocity's new home is at the Stoney Inn which is located at 1320 Del Paso Blvd, Sacramento CA 95815. The venue has a good sized dance floor with adequate room around it. There is a smoking area in the front where your drinks are also allowed. The bar itself is shielded from the noise so no more yelling just to order a drink! There are also 2 pool tables in the back to give you a breather from the dance floor.

Your DJ's are:
Paulie Crowbar
Phil Mohr
K-9 (intermittent)

Lets not forget that Velocity has always been and still is an 18 and up club!

Dirrections from Downtown Sacramento

Dirrections from Davis

Dirrections from Roseville

Dirrections from Arden

Dirrections from Elk Grove

Dirrections from Yuba

As always we recommend Velocity Radio and it's LiveJournal companion community velocityradio
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